What does a Craniosacral Session look like?

Intention Setting

The client shares what they are looking for in terms of their treatment overall as well as in the particular session.

Client moves fully clothed, without shoes to the table

A pillow is under the knees, a blanket on top of them and perhaps a pillow under the head if that is most comfortable

Session begins slowly, waiting until the client is ready to receive contact.

Contact often begins with my hands at the right side, one at the shoulder one at the hip.

The session may include:

  • Questions to the client about their body sensations and how they feel contact with the table
  • Gentle rocking of the body
  • Gentle massage or pressure into muscles
  • Most often gentle touch held in one area for a prolonged period of time
  • Contact can to be at the side, back, belly, shoulders, head, arms and legs
  • Most often the session will complete after about an hour with work done at the feet