This has been a full month for me. As I reflect on all I have stepped into over the past 4 weeks, what life has thrown at me, I realize both gratitude and resource have allowed me to continue on. That and the fact that I am remembering that I come first, self care is vitally important. As I truly feel that I reflect that out to you. As life get’s full, are you caring for yourself right now?

Our body is so wise. It develops compensation patterns, holds onto tightness, guards and protects us. I speak of this often with my clients. Are you listening? Are you slowing down and appreciating all your body is telling you? Is there something you need to actively do so you can let go of the tightness and let your body move with greater ease? If you listen, your body rejoices.

Don’t forget to turn your gaze inward, love and appreciate yourself and all your body does for you. Remember those exercises, those little reminders of love and care for yourself. If it’s needed, take a moment and schedule an appointment. Now’s the time to find serenity in a time and place that can be very full, and sometimes chaotic. I look forward to seeing you!

In Peace,