Hello sweet community. I wish I could say that this is what the sky looks today. But as I look outside my windows, the sky is marred with heavy smoke from the wildfires in Oregon and Eastern Washington. I am going to take advantage of this brilliant representation of cranial work. The blue sky is the Health within us, the essence of who we truly are without these layers of patterns. It is this blue sky that I connect with and orient to during a cranial session as I am witnessing the smoke. The smoke a representation of the things we know, perhaps cling to, the compensatory patterns, the injuries, traumas that we have experienced. When I sit with you during a session, the blue sky is the grace that I see in you. I have the opportunity to witness the unfolding of the smoke as your body orients to the brilliance of the blue sky.

I returned to the office this week. It was a magical return to this beautiful body of work. I have seen a couple people outside at my home, but the visits this week felt like a true return to my calling after a solid 6 months away. My heart and soul is rejoicing in my stepping back in.

Yes, it certainly does still feel different. N95 masks are the way of things these days, a quick temperature scan for everyone coming in and a few questions to ask about your health. I have a humidifier running in my room with Briotech (a natural sanitizer) and I clean the room thoroughly between clients with bleach wipes. I am alternating days with Dr. Miao (the acupuncturist) which means I am open for in person cranial sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I am still offering distance sessions and for some of you, that is still the best and safest option. If you would like to schedule a distance session on a day when I am not in the office (Tuesday or Friday), just text me and I can schedule you in.

Let us all try to find the brilliance of the blue sky. Health, hope, love and gratitude is here for us, even when it seems so elusive. I send you all my deep gratitude for how you show up in the world and I wish you health, love and grace in this rather interesting time.

With gratitude,