Has your body been speaking to you? Have you had pain, tension, confusion? Do you know what these clues are telling you? Perhaps you can relate to my experience… Over the past three months my body has been speaking to me and I have not been listening. I have been trying to convince myself that I am listening, compromise on things that did not feel good in the hopes of keeping the peace, staying safe, grasping on to what I know and love. But I realize, as I so often say to all of you, I’ve needed to slow down. In this quiet I can listen, take a breath, do nothing but be right here with the beauty of me and my connection to the Inherent Health that knows how to move forward, gracefully and in line with my health.

This quiet place, this breath… this is the Pause. This is where things slow to an easeful stop, not a hard stop, but a quieting pool of energy building into resource. I remember as a child creating dams in a small stream near our home in New Hampshire. I’d watch the water slowly collect behind the wall of stones to become a bigger pool, being fascinated by the currents and the movement of the water in that pool. Eventually something would happen, sometimes one of the small stones would break free from the damn and the whole thing would fail and the water would push it’s way through, sometimes the water would start to pull away at the dirt on the bank of the stream surrounding the pool, sometimes it’d appear that nothing was happening but the pool was getting deeper. This is the Power of a Pause. The quieting, the waiting, the sitting and feeling something start to shift, potency building to something… One never knows what that ‘something’ is, but from the pause a beginning emerges, a building and a knowing comes forth.

This is where I am right now. I am in a Pause, a big Pause. I have decided to take some time for myself to be quiet, to listen and to sit with this amazing person that I am knowing that a grace and truth will emerge from my connection with my Inherent Health within. I am excited about this, yet also nervous, unknowing what may emerge from this place. But, what I do know is that this Inherent Health within me is wise. When I stop to listen, my path will become clear and my heart and soul will be happy as I step into the true woman I am, beautiful, loving, peaceful and strong.

What am I saying? I am heading out to visit the land of my heritage. I am flying to Denmark to explore the country and will also be visiting relatives. I will be out of the office for the month of July. I love my work, it feeds and offers great resource to me, so have no fear, I will be back. I just need a bit of time for myself. If you are scheduled in July I apologize that I need to cancel you (I am in the office the tail end of July). Please take time to look into August and schedule. I look forward to seeing you and sharing all I have learned on my adventure.

I hope to hear how you have found the Pause in your life.

With Grace,