Each moment changes happen, the weather, the flow of the day, the felt sense of the body, the rising and falling of emotions. For me, this year it is deeper and more elemental. It could be that I have turned 50 and my focus has shifted, or it could be that I am committed to sense exactly where I am. I am more apt to let my body sensations and my emotions wash over me, listen and feel into them. I am giving myself permission to sit in these places of discomfort or ease, pain or pleasure, grief or joy and see what arises out of them. It used to be that I tried to get away from places of ‘negative’ sensation, pain or emotion as fast as I could. It was a successful pattern I created when I was young, a beautiful compensatory movement. However, now I am clear that there is something of great value in sitting in the place of now and really feeling the sensations and emotions, acknowledging them and waiting for something to shift. In the shift, space opens up and there is room for something new.

Where are you right now? Are you stuck in the place of pain, compensatory movement? What would it mean to you to make a shift? Give me a ring and let’s see what happens!

In peace,